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for hot and cold water
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Technical information

 Polypropylene - a modern high-quality high-tech material. The main advantages of products made ​​from this material are its high resistance to thermal and chemical resistance, and high resistance to differential high and low temperatures. These qualities make polypropylene indispensable material for the manufacture of pipes and fittings.

      High performance, reliable operation and reduced harmful impact on the environment allow the use of polypropylene piping systems for a wide variety of objects: residential and industrial buildings, public facilities and administrative facilities.

      Advantages of PVC pipes (PVC):

  • durability (lifespan of 50 years);
  • durability of the connection pipes to each other;
  • high tightness (due to the rubber O-rings);
  • lightweight 1m pipe (for easy transport and installation);
  • chemical resistance;
  • low roughness;
  • high corrosion resistance;
  • high strength (allowable design stress is 12.5 MPa);
  • no tendency to crack;
  • advanced hydraulic properties;
  • low coefficient of expansion;
  • the ability to form, together with the surrounding soil a single system capable of absorbing the load;
  • ability to self-cleaning;
  • excluded friction losses.

      Advantages of polypropylene pipes «PLASTHERM»

1. Long service life;

2. Low thermal conductivity (polypropylene pipes do not  lose heat);

3. Do not conduct electricity;

4. The noise absorbing property (no resonance occurs due to the passage of water and noise from hydraulic shock lower compared with metal pipes noise level of fluid flow);

5. Durability (unmatched strength emergency temperatures, high chemical resistance of pipelines);

6. Sustainability (being an environmentally friendly product, is used in the distribution mechanism of residential, administrative and industrial buildings, as well as in agriculture. The smooth inner surface prevents the formation of internal inorganic and organic deposits, which promotes the growth of bacteria);

7. High quality (European technology and production lines, quality materials, compliance with standards, a certificate ISO)

8. The resistance to aggressive environments (pipes do not corrode, are chemical resistance, have a smooth inner surface, as a result, off-road);

9. Cost;

10. Easy and quick assembly (simplicity and increased speed of installation of the pipeline in 5-7 times in comparison with the metal material is light, comfortable mounted, does not require fire-explosive welding equipment, tools for installation inexpensive and durable);

11. Reliability (complete tightness of welded joints); Lifetime polypropylene pipes have great because their internal surface is formed deposits. Polypropylene pipes under installation and operation are not released into the environment of toxic substances and do not have direct contact with harmful effects on the human body.