JV «PLASTHERM TECHNOLOGY» founded in November 2008 as a production company, today is a dynamic developing  Uzbek manufacturer of pipes and fittings made ​​of polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene systems for hot and cold water, heating, sewage systems and industrial applications.

       In August 2008, signed a licensing agreement with the concern Platin Isi Makina Taahut LTD (Turkey). Under the agreement, the pipes will be manufactured under the trademark license, which implies strict adherence to international standards of quality and compliance program.

       In December 2008 - launched the first extrusion line acquired uMikrosan Makina (Turkey) for the manufacture of pipes for hot and cold water with a diameter of 16 to 63 mm - PN10, PN16, PN20 and PN25.

       And in January 2009 - launched the second extrusion line for PVC pipes for sewage systems, with diameters ranging from 50 to 160.

      Currently produced by JV «PLASTHERM TECHNOLOGY» products equipped fittings Turkish production Platin Isi Makina Taahut LTD (Turkey).

       By the end of 2009, planning to acquire injection molding machines and molds for the production of fittings.

       High quality standard pipes  PLASTHERM competes not only among domestic manufacturers, but any European products.

       Quality issues, we believe the priority in its activities. Our experts constantly monitor the quality of the polypropylene, PVC pipes. Comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements related to the product and its production processes.

       We offer our customers the entire spectrum of products needed for the installation of pipes, fittings, special welding equipment.

       JV «PLASTHERM TECHNOLOGY» already has partners in the major regions of Uzbekistan, but in the future we plan to sell  products in the CIS.

       We are making great efforts to cooperate with our company for customers was  comfortable and productive.